"You too - get out. Screaming like lunatics ..."

Richard has always loved stage work, particularly musical stage work, and was especially fond of Gilbert and Sullivan while growing up. He has been performing since he was only 3 years old and is a natural ham, although through his teenage years he lost some of his edge (as teenagers are wont to do). Back on stage since 1995, having settled a career and family life, he has worked almost non-stop endeavouring to bring to his audience a believable, multidimensional character in whatever show he is performing.

Richard is shown here as the Headwaiter (with Meredith McLean and Marco Luterotti) in She Loves Me, a show based on the book and film The Shop Around the Corner. Except for some of its tunes, however, this show is not well known.

Click on the buttons above to look through the events and performances in which Richard has participated. Downloadable MP3s and WMAs of some of the songs off of Richard's Christmas Concert CD are available on the Concert Experience page. A short video clip of Richard performing in Oliver! is available on the Musical Theatre page.

To contact Richard, email him at: richard@ractenor.com

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