The Ontario Renaissance Festival happened almost by accident for Richard. A close performing friend attended the first year of the festival and knowing Richard was an avid history buff, suggested that he audition for the second season. Richard went into the audition with more trepidation than usual but secured the role of Cardinal Wolsey in his first year. After a fight with King Henry over his divorce, the Cardinal was tossed aside and was to have a seizure or heart attack. One afternoon, two army medics were waiting to escort Richard to the first aid booth, convinced that the heart attack was real.

He returned each season, a different character each year, sometimes in favour with the monarch, but more often not.

After his first season the wardrobe master moved on and Richard, having extensive Costuming Experience, took over, tending the festival wardrobe and making costume pieces for performers, employees, and vendors who wished their own costumes.

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Lord Thomas Howard fights Lord Cromwell - ORF, 1999

Elizabeth I and Cecil

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