Richard A. Crossman: Tenor, Actor, Designer...

Richard's artistic passions all began early in life: at age 4 he was performing in Sunday School Christmas concerts. By age 12 he had completed sewing his first costume, had taken prizes in county fair baking competitions and was performing regularly in community and church shows.

A half century later, Richard is an accomplished performer in a variety of venues from Opera to outdoor festival, and has designed and created costumes in a range from early medieval to late victorian for dozens of events. He has been an instructor at secondary and post secondary level in baking and pastry arts, claimed several awards in competitions and is a member of the prestigious Canadian Pastry Chef's Guild. He has recorded a solo Christmas album entitle My Favourite Christmas (tracks from this CD are available for download on the Concert Experience page) and as the artistic director of The Baker Street Victorian Carollers®, has overseen a recording with that group which he founded. The recording, entitled Our Christmas, is available as an album or single songs on iTunes.

Richard has performed in a number of independent films, television episodes and music videos for such bands as Not By Choice, The Boomers, Treble Charger and Sloan.

These pages display and celebrate Richard's pleasures, passions and skills. Whether performing as a historical character at the Ontario Renaissance Festival, or singing at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto or at Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Richard is a man of great presence.

If you would like to reach Richard for discussion about catering, performance, or costume design, please contact him at For professional performance inquiries, please contact Deborah Anthony at Skye Management.

Deborah Anthony
140 Erskine Ave. Suite 1112
Toronto ON   M4P 1Z2

tel: 416-435-7134

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